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Identify Assets and Manage Risk

Leverage 6clicks’ powerful analytics and reporting to identify organisational assets, risks, and prioritise and manage remediation activities.

Perform Assessments

Use 6clicks' automated assessment functionality to measure compliance within your organisation and across your supply chain.

Define and Manage Policies

Define policies in line with compliance obligations to easily govern your business processes, technology assets, and third-parties.

Track Compliance Obligations

Track laws and regulation in your jurisdiction and sector to ensure on-going compliance across your organisation.

Risk Management On-The-Go

Use data from 6clicks Risk Review for Teams to unlock risk insights for your board and valued teams.

People Say

6clicks enables CyberCX customers to more easily overcome the challenges associated with the evolving regulatory landscape.

The customisable 6clicks platform allows us to better secure our customers by embedding cyber security best practices across governance, risk and compliance professionals - helping to accelerate the way we execute at scale.

David Simpson

David Simpson
Executive Director of GRC | CyberCX

6clicks Risk Review for Teams is a fantastic innovation to enable meaningful and collaborative risk reviews for companies and organisations.

The platform is easy to use and intuitive. Importantly, it provides for senior executives and board members to actively engage in the risk review and assessment process. This tool is a must have.


Amanda Junkeer
Senior Counsel | Red Cross Blood Service

Every day - all around the world - risk events occur, governments announce new regulatory initiatives and regulatory bodies update existing compliance laws and regulations. It is a difficult task for even the most organised risk team to stay abreast of these developments in real time. 6clicks Pulse® gives risk managers and their teams a fighting chance of staying up to date and enable them to provide their colleagues with sound and timely insights.

Peter Deans

Peter Deans
Founder & Creator | 52 Risks

6clicks Risk Review for Teams is innovation at its best. Relevant, content-rich and easy to use – all the trademarks of a must have application, with the additional foundation of the revolutionary ethos of 6clicks. Finally, we can retire outdated spreadsheet tracking and transition to a platform that provides instant and actionable insights that can be used by executives and board members to make informed decisions, based on clear and concise data.

Michael Henry Headshot

Michael Henry
Founder & Managing Director | Spire Consulting

With large scale compliance failures and wide-reaching consequences, compliance risk is fast becoming a number one priority for organisations. The 6clicks forward-thinking, innovative approach really resonates and complements the vision I have for compliance risk management which is to create a compliance revolution and truly disrupt how we approach compliance for more effective and positive outcomes.

Samantha Carroll Headshot

Samantha Carroll
Founder & CEO | CompLeR

The better the risk analysis, the better the preparedness for the ‘unknown unknowns’ or even the ‘known knowns.’ Protecting and improving value creation are the motivations for business tocarry out risk analysis and mitigation in the first place.

Years ago, it used to be more an academic thing - today however managing risk is ‘the’ key game changer. Smart companies make time to understand all that is knowable.

John Simpson Headshot

John Simpson
Former Director & Senior Executive | NAB, ESSSuper & Shell

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