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"This is a momentous occasion for us. Our Asia Pacific centre helps further advance the goals and objectives for improving the supply chain security and resilience of the US Department of Defence (DoD) beyond North America."

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John Weiler
Chairman of the Board | CMMC Centre of Excellence


Bespoke assessments to meet your needs

You can use in-built assessment templates from the 6clicks Content Library for CMMC, NIST SP800-171 and more.

Tailor any aspect of the assessment, including questions, descriptions and answer schemas.

Build up your own tailored assessment templates to address controls for different systems, processes and suppliers.

Conduct cyber risk assessments with ease

6clicks Assessments are purpose built so you can share them and perform them either internally or across your supply chain. Just share the unique URL for each assessment. It's also easy for others to join, delegate and respond. It's better as a team!

Respondents complete the assessment choosing the appropriate answer for each question. They can provide textual explanations. You can also toggle a switch to request respondents provide evidence of compliance and you can make it mandatory.


Action and improve

6clicks Assessments include a response review workflow where you can identify whether the answer is acceptable or not. You can even resend all or part of an assessment.

Include all reports, insights and charts in your management reporting to facilitate discussion and decision-making.

Quickly and easily find the insights you need with dozens of pre-built reports. Better understand what areas display low maturity or high risk.

Raise issues and assign actions to remediate any areas of concern. Use these reports to detect trends that warrant corrective action.

Connect your relevant standards, laws and regulations

Visit the 6clicks Content Library and access assessment templates for a wide variety of cyber and information security standards including CMMC, NIST SP800-171, ISO/IEC 27001, FedRAMP and other NIST standards.

6clicks assessment templates include questions that are linked to the requirements of the standards for complete traceability. We're always adding more, but if you'd like us to add something specific - just ask!


Work alongside your trusted advisers

Engage a 6clicks Partner to perform your CMMC assessment

  • Ensure assessment criteria matches your exact requirements.
  • Have submissions and evidence independently reviewed by experts.
  • Receive direct guidance related to findings and recommendations.

Protect your organisation with confidence

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to external cybersecurity risk profiles, and confidently protect your sensitive data.