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Bespoke assessments to meet your needs

And if you don't need to assess against a particular compliance framework...


6clicks can be the register that records your important information assets along with asset owners and classifications that identify particular sensitivities (such as confidentiality, integrity and availability).

Record your assets in 6clicks and then you can identify what assets are impacted by any given risk. Some risks will be organisation-wide, but others may be limited to a specific asset (e.g. system, process, or information type).


You can use in-built assessment templates from the 6clicks Marketplace for all the common standards.


Tailor any aspect of the assessment, including questions, descriptions and answer schemas.


Tailor any aspect of the assessment, including questions, descriptions and answer schemas.

Evaluating a GRC platform to support your cyber program?

Make it easy to manage your valuable assets

Identify, protect, detect and respond to security risks and issues internally and across your supply chain.

A single centralised ISMS management platform

Share assessment results, policies and certificates in the 6clicks Trust Portal

Leverage the 6clicks Risk Review for Teams mobile app to populate your risk register

Track and demonstrate the performance over your ISMS over time

Access control sets and policy templates in the 6clicks Content Library

Know your data is safe with state-of-the-art security & architecture


Engage a trusted partner to manage your ISMS

You are not alone. 6clicks has various specialist service providers using the platform to support customers with assessments, advice, assistance or fully managed services.

Additional Resources

We've got a collection of thought leadership articles to help accelerate your ISMS implementation. 

Protect your organisation with confidence

Use 6clicks to identify, manage and mitigate your exposure to your third-parties’ cybersecurity risk profiles, and confidently protect your sensitive data.