Engage in better Modern Slavery compliance

Protect your supply chains from Modern Slavery risk with assessments linked to regulation built-in to 6clicks.

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Import and manage vendors or third-parties

Failing to comply with Modern Slavery requirements are more confronting and difficult to manage than ever before. Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain and categorise suppliers based on their risk profiles.

Assessments allow you to establish a basis for transparency and continued collaboration with the stakeholders in your supply chain.


Assess third-parties across your supply chain

Today's supply chains are riddled with issues of Modern Slavery. Businesses must begin by directing remediate action towards identified high-risk suppliers.

Those that lack a sufficient understanding of Modern Slavery can use content directly provided by a service provider you trust. Assessments are customisable to meet your needs and to ensure the controls remain focused and relevant.

Meet Modern Slavery reporting requirements

Use collected data from supplier risk assessments to generate a comprehensive Modern Slavery statement template.

Provide proof of your ongoing Modern Slavery compliance and risk mitigation efforts using the 6clicks Compliance Proof and native reporting module.

Create your updated modern slavery statement in a few simple steps.


Make it easy to assess Modern Slavery risk

Identify, remediate and report on Modern Slavery risks in your supply chain, and streamline compliance reporting.

Comply with US & international regulations on human trafficking and child labour

Capture real-time data to inform areas of high Modern Slavery risk

Trace & monitor social risks at every level of your supply chain

Know your data is safe with our state-of-the-art security & architecture

Receive integrated Modern Slavery guidance & support from your preferred service provider

Issue assessments via unique URL for privacy & efficient results integration


Engage a partner to help you tackle Modern Slavery risks

  • Digitise and better monetise all your interactions with clients.
  • Track and generate regular company director assurance reporting.
  • Reduce the time and finacial cost of repetitive processes.

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